Home Renovation Excellence – a Testimonial here in Vancouver, BC

I was asked if I would do a testimonial for Mr. Build.Without hesitation I said I would.First of all let me say I am not a relative or close friend of Kurt Gust or any of his employee’s.I have absolutely nothing to gain by doing this.I am doing this because of the work Kurt and his crew have done around our house over the years,how pleased I am with the work,and their competitive prices.We live in an older home in the Mount Pleasant area.

Let me take you for a walk around our place.First is the living room.Mr. Build stripped all the wallpaper from the walls,prepared the walls,and painted them.They are put in a ceiling light/fan for us.Next is the master bedroom.Mr. Build put in a ceiling/light fan for us.Then we come to our bathroom.They completely gutted it and redid it,putting in all new fixtures and tiling the floor.Next is our grandaughters room.took down her bunk bed,hauled it away for us and put in a new ceiling light/fan for us.Next we take a walk into the kitchen.They replaced all the hardware on the kitchen cabinets,replaced the kitchen windows,replaced the linoleum with tiles,put in a new light fixture that gives us more light,and repainted it all for us.This was done for us while we were on holidays.We had full confidence in leaving the house key with them so it could be done while we weren’t here.

Let’s talk a walk down stairs.It used to be a bare unfinished basement.Mr. Build put in a bedroom and a living room down there for us.

Now if we take a walk outside and look around Mr. Build replaced both our front stairs and back stairs.They put in a dog kennel when our son was doing K9 patrols.When he stopped doing that they converted it into a summer area for us.A few years ago our garage,which was old collapsed from the weight of snow on its roof.We decided not to rebuilt.They put together a storage shed on a concrete pad and a fence at the back for us,where the garage used to be.Last year they put a new roof on the house for us.

I tell you this to show you the faith and trust we have in Kurt Gust,his company Mr. Build,and the crew he has working for him.If I was displeased at any point I would have shopped around.Mr. Build clean up after themselves.If something isn’t quite to your liking Kurt will come out personally,have a look,listen to your concerns,and make sure it is corrected to your satisfaction.

Mr. Build is competitive in the field of reno’s.He is not cheap because he hires top quality workmen that take pride in their work.In this world you get what you pay for and if you go for the very lowest price chances are you will end up paying more in the long run because it won’t last.His quotes are quite accurate unless something comes up that wasn’t expected but he will advise you of that instead of surprising you when you get his bill.

I give Mr, Build the permission to have any prosprective customers phone me and ask me anything they want about the company and the work they do.

Yours truly,

Mike LeClair