Home Renovation Commitments

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  • Friendly, hardworking, efficient staff
  • Full Liability Insurance, Bonded, and WCB Covered
  • We commit to a scheduled start and finish time
  • We show up on time and call when late or early.
  • 2 year minimum guarantee on all work
  • We can always be found at our office warehouse if warranty work is ever needed.



We are planning to have some home improvements done on our home. What are some tips on hiring a contractor?

Obtain at least two or preferably three bids on any home improvement project, even small jobs. This will help to ensure that you are paying a fair price. Ask the contractor or their representative to inspect the job, prepare the bid but do not sign anything on the first visit. When comparing bids make sure they compare the same work and materials or that the proper allowance has been made for any differences. The lowest bid is not necessarily the best. Contractors who submit unusually low bids may have made a mistake or don’t know enough about the work to estimate it properly. Taking advantage of a bidding error can result in serious problems as the project develops.


What is a contract?

Whether it is called an offer, tender, estimate, or contract, a piece of paper that describes certian work to be done and gives a price for doing it becomes a legal document that is binding on both parties once they have signed it. Do not sign anything until you have read it carefully, understand what it says, and are satisfied that it describes exactly what you want and contains everything you have been promised. If not, insist that new or forgotten items be written into the contract and initialed. Assurances that are not in writing are not binding.