We recently took on a project where the client unfortunately has water damage throughout the back of the home…Wehave listed some of the tasks done so far and some pictures as well.

  • Remove railings, tiles/flashing
  • Install bracing/ Remove glass panels/flashing
  • Consult roofer, then hang tarps
  • Remove stucco and sheathing
  • Remove soffit for roof repair
  • Remove gutters and fascia
  • Remove stucco and beams
  • Remove sheathing and framing for rot repair
  • Prep existing joists. Place insulation, blocking/sleepers
  • Place floor protection/Install sleepers and deck sheathing
  • Rot repair, apply Boracol.
  • Replace framing/sheathing
  • Rot repair. Replace joists.
  • Rot repair. Replace blocking/sleepers



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