False Creek Project
False Creek Walk Through

My clients in False Creek wanted to open up the space/wall between the kitchen and living room. It was a load-bearing wall with plumbing and electrical hidden in the existing wall. This project required a structural engineer to inspect and provide drawings for the required structural work. The result was a large open plan that […]

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How To Minimize Water Damage

It’s amazing how much damage water can cause. Just two gallons of water from a burst pipe or overflowing toilet can wreak havoc throughout your home and necessitate thousands of dollars in repairs. Ouch! What should you do at the first sign of water leakage? First, stop the source. Turn off the nearest water valve. […]

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30th year in business working for you!

Mr. Build Vancouver just celebrated their 30th year in business working for you! The staff was treated to an extended weekend retreat in Whistler where they took part in Zip-trekking and a beer festival among other fun events. Hopefully the guys “recuperate” in time to further our renovation with you!? ? Thanks to all our […]

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